What to do if your appliance has an error code
  • Turn the appliance off, then on again. This sometimes does the trick
What to do if your appliance won't turn on
  • If possible, check to see if the appliance plug is secure & has not been unplugged
  • If you've just moved to a new home, Check to see if there are any wall switches that control the power to your appliance outlet
What to do if your Dishwasher leaves streaks or spots
  • Try washing your dishes with a rinsing agent
  • If possible, use the heated dry setting
What to do if your Dishwasher is taking too long
  • Before turning the Dishwasher on, Try letting the water run from the kitchen sink until it is hot and then run the Dishwasher
What to do if your Washer has an odor
  • Trapped water creates an atmosphere for mildew which can cause an odor so to alleviate this problem Try leaving the Washer door slightly open when not in use
What to do if your Washer is not draining water properly
  • Check the drain hose to make sure that it is not being crushed or obstructed by anything If your washer is pushed up against a wall, remember to leave enough space for the drain hose
Appliance still not working properly?
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