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Dishes not getting clean enough? One area to look into is the water temperature of the water entering the dishwasher. If you notice that the water at your sink takes time to get hot, then you can assume that the length of time it takes for your dishwasher to fill with water is not enough time for the hot water to reach the dishwasher. One remedy is to run the hot water at the nearest sink to your dishwasher until the water is hot. Then you can turn on your dishwasher, and now it has a better chance of filling with hot water.

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Do you own a front load washer and notice a mildew smell inside your washer? If you keep the washer door closed in between every use, you are not giving the moisture inside the washer anywhere to escape to. Try leaving the washer door unlatched and just open slightly. There are also washer cleaning tablets available that can help eliminate odors.

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Does is seem that your clothes are taking longer and longer to get dry? One reason could be a clogged dryer duct. When the ducts become clogged, less of the moisture in the dryer is finding its way through the ducts to the outside of the home. This is more common in homes where the dryer duct does not go straight through the wall to the outside of the home, but instead goes up into the attic and through the roof. Many times the duct makes turns and this is a problematic area for moist lint to catch and build up over time.

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Have you heard about taking your kitchen sponge and putting it in the microwave for a few seconds to disinfect it? We have seen this tip on the internet as well as on the local news. This is true, but make sure that the sponge is wet before putting it in the microwave. We have been called out several times because of a dry sponge being put in the microwave and catching on fire causing burns and discoloration to the inside of the microwave. Oh yeah, be very careful when removing the wet sponge from the microwave, it can be extremely hot!

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Dishwasher leaving a white film on your dishes?

Shawn Hudgins

Check out this article on GE's website that explains what is going on...... 


Did you know?

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Did you know that Washers are the most likely cause for water damage in your home? The culprit? The Washer Hose! We here at My Appliance Repair recommend that you replace your Washer Hose at least every 5 years. The hose can wear and become damaged over time causing leaks and major water damage to your floors. And floor repairs can be very costly. So avoid costly repairs by replacing your washer hose. Also remember to check it frequently to make sure it’s operating efficiently. If you need a new washer hose or if you have any appliance repair issue; We here at My Appliance Repair can help you with that. Call us to Schedule an appointment or fill out our contact info online.


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